Yum. Coffee. Mmm. Butter. Coffee with a shot of butter? Yes. You’ve likely heard about the bullet coffee trend. It turns out that a high-fat diet and a diet high in lean protein, but low in carbohydrates, might help kick your body into high fat-burning gear.

MCT oil is at the forefront of this dietary idea. So, you may be asking how to use MCT oil. And what are the benefits of MCT oil?

Dietary Supplements: What Is MCT Oil?

So, what exactly does MCT stand for? Medium-chain triglycerides. These are fat molecules made up of fatty acids and glycerol. You probably know that fatty acids are the building blocks of fat. And fats are categorized according to the number of carbon atoms on their tail. The tail can be short, medium, or long — and that’s how you can tell which type of fat is being discussed.1

But where can you find MCTs? Well, they naturally occur in palm oil, coconut oil, human breast milk, and even goat milk. One of the perks of consuming medium-chain triglycerides is that this type of saturated fatty acid is digested faster and with more ease than other types of fats. Your body breaks MCTs down fast and pushes them through your liver for energy.2

There are many potential health benefits of MCT oil. By consuming MCT oil you may be able to support the following:

  • Healthy energy levels
  • The break down of fats
  • Improvement of gut permeability
  • Metabolic health
  • Intestinal health3
  • Healthy blood sugar levels4

But those aren’t the only health benefits offered by MCT oil. Read on to learn more about the potential brain and body health benefits of consuming MCT oil.

Can MCT Oil Help With Weight Loss?

mct oil coconut | Constellation NutritionMCT research is taking off and proving how MCTs can be a great tool when it comes to weight loss. There’s one recent study that shows that the consumption of MCT oil, while on a healthy diet, can help support weight loss efforts.5

For starters, MCTs satiate your hunger — and that feeling can assist your weight loss efforts simply by keeping you feeling fuller for longer. This in turn may cause you to consume less calories.

Beyond taking in fewer calories each day, MCTs from coconut oil and other sources may help support a healthy metabolism. This could mean you’ll be able to burn fat more easily.

Potential Benefits Of MCT Oil For A Healthy Brain

Now, when your body processes certain types of fat, that fat then gets used as a source of energy. And when that happens, ketones get released throughout your body. One of the great things about ketones is your body can use them for energy right away.

When you consume MCTs before carbs, they become ketones, which could give your brain an immediate boost so you can focus. Furthermore, clinical studies show MCT oil might help your brain defend itself against certain cognitive health issues.6

Now, it’s said that C8 MCT oil (which doesn’t contain lauric acid) might convert to energy more quickly than other oils that do have lauric acid. That converted energy (known as ketones) can pass right through your blood-brain barrier.

So, when your brain doesn’t have enough glucose to function properly, ketones might help you get done what it needs to get done. Hence, medium-chain triglycerides might help support cognition.7

Dodecanoic Acid And Hexanoic Acid

Medium-chain triglycerides (as opposed to long-chain triglycerides, or LCTs) don’t get stored in the connective tissue that accumulates in your fat cells. So, the metabolites that stoke insulin resistance and puffiness are kept from being activated.8

But there are other MCTs that may support your metabolism. For instance, there’s an MCT called hexanoic acid. It’s saturated fat, and it helps with your metabolic process.9

Another MCT known as dodecanoic acid is a saturated fatty acid that has the power to kill bacteria. Dodecanoic acid is prevalent in coconut oil. And it can also help support your metabolism.10

How To Use MCT Oil: Consuming This Dietary Fat With Your Food And Drinks

pouring MCT oil | Constellation NutritionIncorporating MCT oil into your diet is easy, as you can add it to almost any food or drink. Try adding it to your morning cup of joe. Just combine MCT oil and grass-fed butter. Some people suggest adding collagen as well.

When you’re stocking up on supplements, you want to make sure you’re choosing products with as few ingredients as possible. Some MCT products will have filler material listed, like maltodextrin. Put that bottle down and move on.

You’ll also want to make sure you are getting the purest MCT oil out there. Organic MCT oil is likely less-processed and a better quality product. So, shoot for organic MCT oil.

MCT Oil Benefits Are Easy To Come By

It’s easy to supplement your diet with MCT oil. You can bake with MCT oil or even add it to your morning smoothie. Or don’t forget that breakfast bullet coffee — or make it a latte by adding almond milk. See, it’s easy to give MCT oil a chance. Pay attention to what happens.

You just might take note of some fantastic health benefits, like support for brain function, energy, or even supported weight loss efforts.

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